Thursday, 7 July 2016

DP Trading System Video Tutorial

I believe in Chinese proverb which goes, "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."  With that belief, I have been trying to educate the aspiring traders through my blog on DP system of day trading, the ultimate system to day trade efficiently.  I also do mentoring program helping traders to become a successful day trader.

Further to my endeavor in educating the traders, I have made a complete video tutorial putting all my knowledge and experience into it such a way that it becomes extremely easy for the traders to learn and implement the concepts most efficiently.  I have always believed videos prove to be the most powerful in imparting the knowledge.

With these videos, traders can learn the tricks of trade at their pace, convenience  and comfort.  The total duration of these videos is in excess of 900 minutes. It is like someone sitting with you and coaching you all the required things. If you are really serious and want to trade for living, it will help you a lot.  You get all the knowledge and experience that I gained over the years which is actually invaluable.

Below are the topics of this video tutorial,

1.  Markets, technical analysis, charting and day trading as a business.
2.  Structure of the market.
3.  Trend and trend strength.
4.  Range.
5.  Decision Points.
6.  Acceptance & rejection of prices, space (fluid & congestion), barb wire, gaps, volatility.
7.  Patterns.  Lots of examples and everything you wanted to know about the patterns like BPB, direct BO, BOF, Type 1 trend day, Pressure play, Reversal etc.
8.  Trade Management.
9.  Advanced Price Reading techniques and use of Volume in day trading.
10. News flow trading. 
11. Index option trading. 
12. Complete trade examples putting all the knowledge together. 

The whole set will be shared with you which is in my Google drive. You are not allowed to download or share with others.  You will need internet connection every time you want to watch them.  There are no restrictions as to how many times you watch them.  They will remain with you for rest of your life.  

I post my daily charts on the blog and I am sure after going through this wonderful video tutorial, you will be able to better understand the logic and reasons behind taking the trades.

I am confident that with this video tutorial you will save lot of time (at least few years worth of time) and lot of emotional and financial capital. 

So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and subscribe to this great source of education on day trading by paying just only once in your lifetime.

Click here to buy a video tutorial subscription ticket.  You will have the option to pay through net banking, debit or credit card or UPI.  You will get immediate access to the video tutorial.

All the required support in terms of answering your questions or doubts will be provided.  I will personally solve your queries through live interaction or through email as convenient for you. 


  1. I like to give feedback regarding video tutorial.
    Those videos helped me to connect the missing dots in my approach though long way to go & learning is continuous process since market is dynamic in nature. Now i am able to identify the the pattern/trade-setup more clearly this gives me the confidence to execute my plan more efficiently.
    I would like to see more these kind of videos from URD & its worth every rupee I spent on it.


  2. It was an eye opener to have gone through URD 's video tutorials,I learned lot of things from his simple way of presenting Dp trading concepts

  3. Well, to describe these series of videos in one word is "Fantastic"

    Like most of the aspiring traders, I too had a tough journey in the beginning. Following different strategies without any sense of discipline, making huge losses, losing faith , quitting and repeating this cycle again and again until I came across ST Sir's blog. The strategy he applies suited my personality. It was simple to understand and interesting to execute.

    I followed Nifty Nirvana blog for quite sometime, tried to understand the comments of different traders till the day the blog was active. There I met this man URD who was most active in that blog. I went through his ebook which he compiled painstakingly and since then I am following him.

    These videos lessons made by URD Sir helped me in getting grip over the subject. This is just like classroom coaching where the teacher speaks and solves your problems. You get a chance to watch these videos over and over again until you are total confident about the subject. You have the liberty to watch these videos at your leisure. URD Sir has kept no stone unturned. He has covered every single aspect of DP trading in his video lessons.

    I have been immensely benefitted from his video lessons. I will not say that I have become a Pro trader but I have definitely improved in my approach to trading, is quite confident now than I was a year ago. I am still learning because in trading you always remain a student.

    I shall urge the DP TRADERS to subscribe to his video tutorials. You will not regret is what I can only say.


  4. Sir ,

    how to get this video .What is the cost Kindly tell?

    1. Prakash

      It is not much. Very much affordable. Mail me


  5. I was going through the videos on this weekend, i found the knowledge and information got from this videos is amazing. No where and no book will provide this information. This information is very precised for DP trading.
    Thanks for the videos Uday.

  6. Hai all.,

    I wud like to say few words about the video tutorial.. I hav been a silent follower of chart technicals blog for a long time.. As a trader,adaptability,being open minded,interacting with fellow traders and learning new things is the way to go.. As soon as URD blogged about the video tutorials,i wasted zero time subscribing to them..I knew there will be a lot of information from URD to look forward to through videos and I was not disappointed..everything from basics of technical analysis,day trading to psychology,structures,patterns etc are explained thoroughly with lots of examples..Not only nifty,the videos cover MCX examples aswell to show DP method can b applied to any instrument..ALL THIS AT A VERY AFFORDABLE COST..

    so,this is a shout out to all aspiring traders.. do give it a try..It will be a investment u r doing for ur lifetime.. you will not be disappointed.. learn from a practical trader who trades for a living.. It takes very less time for you to fall in love with DP trading Since the method explained in this tutorial is very logical n practical..gud luck and Happy trading :)


    1. Thanks a lot Vishal for taking time and giving your valuable feedback.

  7. Dear Traders,

    ST introduced the concepts related to Decision Point (DP) or Price Action (PA) trading on niftynirvana blog. URD wrote an eBook on his understanding of ST’s system Trade-Score explaining the thought process involved in trading decision points. Video tutorial is a step further as watching the concepts along with examples gives it a new dimension. The topics range from basics of trading to price action, Trends, Ranges, Patterns, News flow, Situational Awareness, Trading Psychology, Trade Entry/ Exit, Trade Management, NF trade examples, MCX trade examples, Nifty/ Bank Nifty Options Trading strategy and examples and also when to skip trading or stay aside. For me the best part was identification of Trend Day in advance and using Volume concepts in DP trading. Volume is explained from a perspective not talked about much elsewhere and it would become one of the major weapon in your trading arsenal. This resource would be as beneficial for an experienced as much as to an aspiring trader. It can make a trader self sufficient and one no longer needs to look up to social media or other traders/ resources for inspiration. AKS and xrtrader1 are examples of the same.

    This video tutorial is a complete trading system at a reasonable investment for PA/ DP trading customised for Indian markets, which would be difficult to get in a book or trading course. More so since it is used by URD, who is a trader himself and regularly updates about his trades and new learning on his charttechnicals blog